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Serving Palm Beach County since 2002

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    Select The Smarter Features That May Interest You

    Doorbell Camera
    See who's at the front door and speak with visitors using the mobile app – even if you are not home.

    Video Camera
    Check-in on your kids, pets or business from anywhere. Indoor and outdoor cameras send alerts to your phone when important activity happens at home or business.

    Smart Locks
    Remotely lock or unlock the door right from the mobile app. You can let in a visitor or contractor without having to be there.

    Smart Thermostat
    Remotely adjust your thermostat from the mobile app or set up smart schedules to automatically save energy when you’re not home or after hours.


    Smart Lights
    Remotely turn off your lights using the mobile app or set up schedules to adjust the lights automatically based on your activity and time of the day.

    Garage Door
    Get a notification if the garage door is left open when it shouldn’t be and close it from anywhere using the mobile app.

    Water Management
    Minimize expensive water damage caused by leaks with connected water sensors and valves. Know instantly if a flood event has occurred with the mobile app and take immediate action.

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